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Grey water Recycling Systems

Conservation Of Water:

“Grey water to Green Water” is the need of the hour as many people around us have no access to drinking water. Grey water is defined as the waste water that includes water from baths, showers, hand basins, washing machines, dish washers, and kitchen sinks but excludes streams from toilets.

Water shortages are emerging as a major issue for the community around us due to high population density, low rainfall and high groundwater extraction and “nil” reuse. Fresh water is one of most vital resources, when it is polluted, it is not only spoiling the environment but also harmful to human health. Thus, grey water reuse has emerged as a viable option that can be very beneficial for the community in water shortage areas.

At ALGEO, we strive to convert as much as “Grey water” to “Green Water” suitable for all uses except drinking & cooking. We use our extensive expertise, experience and dedication to solve the water scarcity issues by recycling of “grey water” and make it reusable for various applications such as ground water recharge / farming / toilet flush etc., benefiting the residential / commercial & industrial communities.

Grey water Recycling & Reuse

Grey Water is collected from the wash hand basins, showers, and baths. This discharge is required to be kept separate from the other household foul water discharge. Grey water is subsequently directed to the underground chamber, where it passes through a coarse pre-filter built-in to the greywater home underground tank. Inside the underground tank the water is first of all circulated and secondly disinfected with Bromine tablets. It is then pumped via the built-in submersible pump up to the header tank.

While being pumped to the header tank the water also passes through an activated carbon cartridge filter which removes particulates and excess Bromine from the disinfection process, as well as that the carbon cartridge removes odour or smells from the water.

The potential ecological benefits of grey water recycling include:

  • 1. Reduced freshwater extraction from borewells & municipal corporation.
  • 2.Groundwater Recharge; improved quality of borewell water.
  • 3.Less impact on sewage tanks / top layers of soil.
  • 4.Reduced energy use and chemical pollution from treatment.
  • 5. Can reduce the demand for fresh water, and when people reduce the use of fresh water, the cost of domestic water consumption is significantly reduced, while alleviating the pressure of global water resources.
  • 6. Can reduce the amount of wastewater entering the sewer or on-site treatment system.

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